The Media Library gives you the opportunity to manage all the files that are part of your projects. We have provided you with a set of images to get you started, but you are also able to upload your own files that you want to use in your questionnaire or blogs for example. Lastly, you will also find files that your respondents have uploaded while they filled out your questionnaire. These are automatically stored in your Media Library for easy access. 

To keep everything organized, your can manage your media library by creating your own folders.

Open your Media Library through the main menu on the left side. Next, click on the Add new folder icon that is on the top of your folder tree:

A pop-up window will appear in which you can fill out the folder name.

Click on Create and your new folder is visible in your folder list!

You can now select it and add your own media to it. Or create groups within the parent. Of course, if you are not content with the way your folders are organized, you may simply delete them by pressing the garbage bin icon on the right.