You’ve created different folders in your library and want to manage the content. You are able to add, edit and delete items by following the steps below:

Adding files to your media library

Open your media library, select the folder you want to fill, and click on the Add new file button.

An upload box will appear. Simply drag your files into the box, or click on it to open your navigation to select the items on your computer. 

You are able to select multiple files at once in order to fill your folder quickly. 

You will see a confirmation message in your screen as soon as your items are uploaded successfully.

An overview of all items in your folder is available immediately after uploading and your files are ready to use!

Editing / deleting files from your media library

There is an edit or delete option available for every single item in your library. If you use a list view, the icons are located in the last column in your view, under Action.

When using the grid view, these options are available on a mouseover. 

If you use the edit function, you can select a new item and the file will be updated. Please note: when editing an existing image in the media library, a new file will be uploading, overwriting the former image. The name of the file will remain the same. Therefore it is not edit a file into another file with a different extension.

By using the delete option, the item will be permanently removed from your library.

Bulk actions

The same way you can bulk import your files, you can also bulk delete your files. 

In order to do so, go to your list view, and select the items you want to delete by using the checkboxes. You can select them all at once by using the checkbox in the column header.

Next, choose the 'Action' button in the top right corner of your library, and choose Delete. 

A second option is to use the delete icon on the entire folder, which will permanently remove both the folder and all its contents from your library.