The Questionnaire Engine page consists of three main areas, which are indicated below:
1. Page Slider (left)
2. Editor View (middle)
3. Settings (right)

Page Slider
This overview shows you all the pages and groups that are present in your questionnaire. From the top of the Page Slider, you can quickly add additional pages, or use the search bar to find a specific page in the list. If you select a page in this slider, it will be opened in the Editor view (middle section) for you to edit. When using a mouse-over, you will find the following functions on your page: 

Arrow up: to move the page one step higher in the list.
Arrow down: to move the page one step lower in the list. 

Move icon: to move the page into a group.
Copy icon: to duplicate the page.
Delete icon: to delete the page from the list.
With the additional items icon (three vertical dots) you gain access to the Dynamic Rule Engine, the Field Picker or the page settings that apply to this page type.

Editor View
Depending on the page type, your editor view will provide you with different options that suit that specific type of page. You are able to design your questions, your information pages or to edit your groups. There are many pre-designed options for adding text, pictures or other media, which makes it quick and easy to design a beautiful questionnaire. 

In menu on the left you will find the Settings. You are able to edit these settings on three different levels: Page level, Question level or Answer level. The presented options are dynamic and will vary depending on your page type and the level. For a complete overview of these settings and their functionality, please visit our articles on Settings.