There are projects in which it can be very helpful to add a quota for your response. By adding a quota, you are able to set a minimum amount of responses that are required for your project, or an exact amount of responses after which the questionnaire will be automatically closed for new respondents. 

To manage quotas for your project, click on the tab Quota Management within your Project Planner scheduler:

Within the Quota Management tab, the following features are availabe to manage your quota:

Add Quota button
Used to add a new quota row.
Search bar
Used to search or filter specific quota information to display in the quota list view.
Action button
Used to edit, delete or copy a selected quota or quotas from the quota list displayed.

Once you have added quota rows, they will be displayed in the quota list which offers the following columns: 

Selection box
Select on or multiple quotas to copy edit or delete.
Shows the quota number set.
Quota status
Shows the current number that have been completed.
Shows which user groups are added to the quota.
Shows the users added to the quota.
From date
Shows the start date of the set quota.
To date
Show the end date of the set quota.


So lets get started with adding quotas to your project!