You can add quota rules on two different levels: a quota per group or a quota based on a custom field. This article will focus on how to add quotas per group.

When you add a quota on a group, it means that you are making a certain amount of surveys available to that specific group of users. The users that are part of the group get access to the questionnaire in order to fill it out. Once the quota is reached, the group members are no longer able to create a new questionnaire. 

Now let's set up a new quota. Start with opening the Quota Management tab in your Scheduler and click on the Add quota button in the top left corner of your overview.

The quota pop-up shown below will appear. On the left side you can choose between Group or Custom Field. Make sure the Group option is selected.

The grouping structure that you have created under User Management is shown. Select the group(s) for which you want to add the quota and click on Create. Your new quota row is now visible in the quota list.

By default the quota number is zero. Use the edit option to change the quota number to your required amount, and your Group quota is all set!