Like adding quota to groups referred in our Add quota on groups article, its also possible to add quota to custom fields alternatively. 

To use this option, click on the Add Quota button and select the Custom Field option. (It turns grey when you select it.)

Enter a Field name for your Custom Field as a reference. 

Under Field options, enter the different options for which you would like to add a quota.

Each tag that you create will be become available in your quota management. 

Once you entered all desired options, click Create to confirm. You will return to the quota management tab automatically.

An additional button Add quota row has now appeared at the bottom of the page:

Click it to open the Add quota row window:

Fill out the details to create your quota row:

Fill in your quota number.
Click on the dropdown menu and select one of the tags you created.
Start date
Select the date from which your quota needs to be applied.
End date
Select the date up until which your quota need to apply.
Select the users that will contribute to obtaining this quota.

Click Create to confirm and you will return to the quota management tab, in which your quota row will be visible:

Your have now finished adding a new quota row based on a Custom Field.

See our article on editing quotas for instructions on how to edit your quota.