In Test Mode you are able to go through your questionnaire from the respondents point of view. You can preview the design and check if your routing and rules work the way you intended.

You are also able to invite others to review your questionnaire and provide their feedback before actually publishing it.

In order to move your questionnaire from Edit Mode to Test Mode, click on the copy icon on the bottom of the page. A pop-up with additional options appears, that represent the different phases you can choose. 

Click on the capital T to select Test Mode. A notification will appear, asking if you want to duplicate your questionnaire. 

Click Yes to confirm. 

The Add comments box appears, in which you are able to leave internal notes about this specific version. 

It is not obligated to add notes. You can either add a comment or close the pop-up.

The current version of your questionnaire (V1) is now copied into Test Mode, and a new version (V2) - an exact copy of V1 - is automatically created in Edit Mode. 

In the Test Mode widget you’ll see the same information as in Edit Mode, but with a few extra details.
A test link has been generated and the publish time and date are indicated.
Click the test link to open your questionnaire in the respondent view. You are now able to review the questionnaire. You can also copy the URL and provide it to others in order to ask feedback.

You are now able to make additional changes to your questionnaire in Edit Mode (V2), but this will not effect your Test version (V1). 

This prevents you from making any unintended changes to your Test version.

If you want to update your questionnaire in Test Mode, you can make the changes to the questionnaire that is in Edit Mode (V2), since this is an exact copy.

Once you have made all the necessary changes, simply copy V2 to Test Mode as described in the previous steps. This will trigger the following actions:

  • V1 is automatically moved from Test Mode to Archived questionnaires
  • V2 is moved from Edit Mode to Test Mode
  • V3 is newly created as an exact copy of V2 and placed into Edit Mode.

By repeating these steps you can keep reviewing and updating your questionnaire until its ready for publishing.

You can then move your approved version to Queue Mode or Live Mode.