When the new version of your questionnaire is approved and ready to go, but you do not want to publish it yet, you are able to put it on hold in the Queue Mode.

By placing your questionnaire in the Queue mode you are able to schedule the exact moment to go live. 

In order to do this, use the Copy icon or the Move icon, and select the capital Q to select Queue Mode. 

You will get the same notification asking for your confirmation and the ability to add a comment to your version as described in our Test Mode article. 

Your questionnaire is now available in Queue mode. Like the Test Link, a Queue Link is created for you to access and review your questionnaire. 

In addition to that you now have a Live date field where you can schedule the exact date and time on which your questionnaire is automatically transferred to Live Mode.

Click on the calendar icon to set the date and time.

You can additionally delete or edit the Live date if necessary.

The Queue mode is not an obligated phase in your editing proces. You are also able to skip this phase and immediately publish your questionnaire to Live Mode.