You have been creating, editing, testing and reviewing your questionnaire and now the moment has come: time to put it live so it is ready for collecting data!

The questionnaire version that is available in Live mode is the version that your respondents are presented with when they access the questionnaire.

If you want your questionnaire to be moved to live on a specific date and time, you can use the Queue Mode phase to do so. But if you want to move your questionnaire to Live Mode immediately, you can move it to Live Mode manually.

To do so, click on the Copy icon or the Move icon on the version you want to publish. You will see the following pop-up:

Click on the capital L to select Live Mode, and as described in the previous phases, confirm and add comments to your version (if any). Your questionnaire will now be transferred to Live Mode. 

Make sure to refresh your page to see your changes. You will be prompted to do so, or you can use the button on the top right of the page.

The Live Mode widget will now display the date and time when it was published, who published it, and it provides a new link to review your questionnaire. 

It is important to keep in mind that while your questionnaire is now live and therefore ready to be distributed, you still need to give your respondents access to the questionnaire. There are different ways to make your questionnaire accessible. For example by using an open link, by publishing it in the CYS mobile app or sending them out by e-mail. For more information on these options, review our data collection articles. 

Please note: if you already have a questionnaire in Live Mode and you replace it with a new version, this will not affect the questionnaire for your active respondents. Anyone who is already in the process of filling out your questionnaire, will be able to finish the old version. Anyone who opens a new questionnaire, will now receive the updated version.