Every time you move a questionnaire from one mode to another, the current questionnaire that is in that mode will be moved to the archive. You can access all of the archived versions of your questionnaire by clicking on the tab you’ll find in the top right corner of the page. In other words, the older versions are not being overwritten, but they are moved to the archive, so they will remain accessible at any given time in the future.

This is what the pop up will look like when you click on to the view archived tab.  You will have access to all the versions you have moved between modes.  A search bar is also available which made the search even easier by using key words.

The date, time and the comments made will be saved for each archived version and can be accessed under every version by clicking on the tiny arrow on the right.

If you want to edit and make changes to any of the versions stored in the archive, just click the copy to edit option of that version you need to change.

When you click the copy to edit option, you will see the pop up below once your request is copied successfully in edit mode.

The copied version will automatically get the subsequent version number depending on the last version number updated for that project

For instance: You have been editing a questionnaire, but you are not satisfied with it. The current version in edit mode is V30. You lost track of the edits you made and would like to return to the questionnaire as was the case in Version 12 (let’s say three days ago). You then go to the archive, look up version 12, copy it to edit mode and there it will appear as version V31 for that project.