This article will explain what the rules overview tab is and what benefits it brings you.

Easy access of all the rules that you have created in a questionnaire over different pages are offered to you in the form of the “rules overview tab”. You will find this tab next to the templates tab in the questionnaire engine.

You can access the rules overview by clicking the icon on the corresponding tab. Opening this tab will present all pages (group, information and question) that you’ve created in your questionnaire.

If you click on the arrow behind each different page name, the area will unfold and reveal all the rules that you have set up for that particular case. Behind each rule, you will find a delete icon, that allows for easy removal of the rule from that page.

Clicking on the respective rule now opens up the actual rule that you have set up, so you can review it. 

The cursor is blocked so you can't accidentally make any mistakes. If you're not satisfied and you would like to alter the rule, you need to click on "edit" first, to perform the changes you have in mind. Next click on "update" to put them into effect.