This article provides an example of how to use dynamic texts in your questionnaire, based upon a previously given answer. In this example, we will formulate the follow-up question differently for respondents who gave a low score then for respondents who have given a high score. 


The questionnaire starts with the NPS question. After that, the respondent is presented with an open comment question. For this open comment question, we are going to use the following dynamic texts, based upon the given NPS score:

0 to 6 You indicated that you would not be very likely to recommend us. Would you please share the reason why? 

7 or 8 You have provide us with a 7 or 8. We are very happy with that. Would you please share your thoughts on what we can improve upon so next time you will be more inclined to give a 9 or 10? 

9 or 10 We are very happy that you would likely recommend us to others. Could you please share with us what makes you feel this way? 

How to set-up the dynamic rule

1. On the open comment question page, open the dynamic rule editor and add a new rule. 

2. Under the conditions, you indicate for which answer options you want to create the text. In the example below, the rule is activated if the NPS question is answered with any answer option from 0 to 6. 

3. Under actions, you indicate what needs to happen if such an answer is given. Choose the option 'Create text' and use the text box area to enter the text that you want to appear. Your rule will look like the example below.

4. Save the rule.

5. Go back to the rule overview and activate the rule you have just created. 

6. Repeat these steps for all dynamic texts that you want to use. 

How to add the texts to your question page 

1. Close the rule overview and go to your question page. 

2. Place the cursor at the location where you want to insert the dynamic texts that you have created. 

3. Open the rule overview again and “Text” button of the dynamic text rule that you want to use at that location.

4. Repeat these steps for each dynamic text that you want to add. 

Instead of fixed text, the question page will now look like this:

If you add multiple dynamic texts directly after each other, it is advised not to use spaces between them, as this gives the cleanest look in the end result. 

If you now take a look at the test link, you will see a different text appear in the open comment questions, depending on the NPS score that you select.