This article will explain the layout of the rules tab of the Dynamic Rule Engine

The Dynamic Rule Engine is a great way to create flexibility and add depth and complexity to your questionnaire and helps you manage your datagarden, scheduler and reports. But how do you manage it? Let’s start by explaining the Rules tab.


As you choose for the Dynamic Rule Engine option, a screen will pop up on the rules tab, showing all rules that you have created for this page. The first time you take a look it will be empty, since no rules have been created yet, but if you open up the rules tab for a page that already has some rules connected to it, it will look something like this:

In the right top corner, you will find two buttons that allow you to add rules to the page. The Wizard allows you to create rules in the CYS software itself, whereas the Expert/Import button allows you to import rules that you have programmed/created earlier and would like to implement to this page.

Underneath you will find a diagram with the following columns

  • Switch
    This switch toggles the rule on or off, making it active or inactive for this page.
  • Rule Name
    This column displays the name of the rules that are connected to this page. You can click them and review/edit them through here.
  • Output
    The output is the manner in which the action to the rule is implemented. Does the rule concern a skip or jump or is it a text that needs to be inserted. In this last case, put your cursor in the desired text area and click this text output button to link the rule to the designated area.
  • Action
    Lastly there are some actions that can be taken regarding these rules. The actions that are being offered here are copying a rule and deleting it. Editing can be done by clicking on the rule name itself.