One of the ways a field picker can be of great value is when used inside your questionnaire. For instance to recall an answer that was provided by the respondent earlier.

The field picker is page specific. If you create a field picker placeholder on page 2 of your questionnaire, and then again create another one on page 3, the used elements on page 2 will not appear on page 3. You can only add a field picker to the question page you are working on.

Now, let’s say we’re creating an employee energy pulse type questionnaire. The client provided an open ended answer to a comment box question, and we think it’s a cool idea to quote this answer in a later stage, where the respondent will be asked to categorize his answer in a root cause type question. Since this answer will be different for each respondent, we can’t really enter a fixed text ourselves, so we need the text to be dynamic. What does this look like, using the field picker?

First enter your cursor right on the spot where you want the placeholder to be. Next, click on the three dots on questionnaire slider to the left. Directly under Dynamic Rule Engine you will find the field picker functionality.

If you choose to use the field picker the following screen will unfold.

The screen is built up out of different tabs, showing the exact fields from which the information can be picked to enter as dynamic text in the position of the field picker dynamic text area. Since we want this rule to represent a question the respondent provided earlier in the survey, we choose to open up the tab “Questionnaire”, where we will get a list of the question pages created thus far.

The quote we would like to address is provided to the question on the comment box page, and if we unfold this, we can click the option to insert the answer connected to the question into the placeholder on the root cause question page.

The respondent, when flipping though the questionnaire on the respondent side, will see the exact text (s)he entered earlier, reappear. How cool is that!