This article will inform you about what the data garden entails and what you need it for.

In the Data Garden you will find everything that has to do with data. The subcategory Imports gives you an overview of all your imported data. And you can manually or automatically upload new data here. All your project related data can be found in the subcategory Database. You can combine, mutate and supplement this data by using our standard rules or by creating your own. Do you want to export data or have a look at your exported data? This is possible in the Exports section. You are able to add one or more blacklists to add recipients you no longer want to invite in the subcategory Blacklists.

The various parts of the data garden can be accessed through the main menu on the left hand side by clicking the data garden option. This will unfold in:

  • Import
  • Database
  • Blacklist

Every sub option will have their own overview screen that shows all the items that are present in that part: 


Database (projects)

A detailed explanation on the buttons, icons, tabs and their functionalities can be found in the article describing a quick overview.