Another way a field picker can be of great value is when used inside your scheduler. For instance to send out a personal email that addresses a respondent with their name or recall a specific store they have visited.

The field picker is only relevant for schedulers that concern personal invitations. The placeholders can be used in the invitation e-mails, so the relevant tabs to check out the field picker within the scheduler would be mail and reminder tabs.

When you open up the mail tab of the personal invitation scheduler, a template email setup will be visible, including a "from" address area, a "to" address area, a subject area and an email body area.

The field picker can be used within the "to" area, the subject area and the email body part. Hoovering over these area's will trigger a framed "FP" button (for Field Picker). Put your cursor in the position where you would like to put the placeholder and click the FP button.


A selection screen will appear, showing all of the relevant data columns for that particular project. Selecting any of them will pick the source from which the Field picker should pick its information on the variables you want to enter in your emails.

  • Using the field picker for the "to" area allows you to send out e-mails to the addresses in the designated column, which will save you a lot of time and some seriously sore fingers from typing.

  • If you would like to refer to a certain event, product or ID you would like to notify your respondent about in the subject of the email, simply use the field picker and likewise select the column in which the specific data is mentioned you would like to address.

  • The same goes for the body of the text, but a special mentioning needs to be made in case of addressing your respondents. Since these invites are personal, we have already reserved an area for the name of the respondent you wish to invite in our template invitation. This has been indicated by [fp value] and needs to be replaced by the actual field picker value. Again, click on the FP button, choose the column (or columns) that indicate the gender (mr./mrs), the first name and/or the last name and mr. John Smith will receive his own personal invitation, just like mrs. Caroline Johnson.