Now you know who will be the recipients of the reports, there is one variable to manually fill out in the report: The cultur results. Since the lab often takes longer to analyze samples than you need to fill out a questionnaire we have added the option to add the results to your reports afterwards. This works more or less in the same way as the way you just uploade the recipients' email addresses.

Again, click the export button to receive a template in which the group codes have already been allocated to the reports you wish to send. The export wil automatically land in your regular download map on your computer. Please enter the values for type, carriership and result, in the designated columns. Please note that the value for carriership should be 0% - 100% and the value for result should be 1 for N/A, 2 for no clonal relationships and 3 for clonal relationship.

Next click the import button to import the values to the culture results list. Choose the correct file (you have just saved) and you will find the data you just entered will automatically be imported and displayed on the page in front of you.

Click next to continue to go to the Report details page.