Different projects ask for different Schedulers. We have provided you with a few different options, each with its own benefits. It completely depends on the characteristics of your project which scheduler fits your project best. Let’s look at the different options:

IOS & Android App (Mobile & Tablet)

Project planner: 

This scheduler will present your questionnaire to a group of users that you can define. They have access to the questionnaire from within their CYS user account. If they are not able to work with the CYS app, they are able to access their account and the questionnaire online by using the mobile view. In addition, you are able to add a specific time period in which the questionnaire will be available for the users, and add quotas that need to be reached, making it easier to manage your project. This type of scheduler is especially interesting for periodic audit projects, or when you collect results with the help of interviewers.

Forms & Checklists: 

Like the previous scheduler, you are able to make your questionnaire accessible to a specific group of users, who are then able to access the questionnaire through their CYS user account. Contrary to the Project planner, there is no time period or quota applied; the questionnaire is continuously available for the users. This is especially useful to provide online forms and checklists for your organization to fill out whenever they need it.


Open invitation 

Open Link Invitation and QR code: 

This scheduler creates an open link or QR code that can be shared. Anyone that clicks on this link is able to access the questionnaire and every time the link is clicked, a new record is created in the database. An optional quota manages the maximum amount of data you want to collect. You are also able to add background variables to the unique link, so when the questionnaire is filled out, this scheduler will automatically add the background variables to your data. This scheduler type is great for adding a survey option to printed matter such as marketing materials, or for adding a survey to online sources (your website, in an e-mail footer etc.)


Personal invitation 

Email invitation: 

By importing your CRM data into the project, this scheduler allows you to send personal email invites to your respondents, which contain a personal link to your questionnaire. You are able to identify who filled out the questionnaire, because the results are linked to the CRM list that you have created up front. By adding background variables to this CRM data, you also create additional reporting functionality such as filters. And good to know, dynamic rules can be applied as selection criteria for your e-mail list to ensure a customized distribution. A perfect scheduler for feedback projects amongst your customers, suppliers, prospects, you name it!