This article will inform you on how to draw up a personalized email by using the personal invitation scheduler. With the scheduler frequency and the enrollment criteria in place, it is time to design the actual invitation mail.

At the top you can start with the sender name and sender email:

In the sender name you can type in the display name that will be shown to the recipient, such as your company name. In case you would like to have dynamic sender names you can use the field picker functionality. 

With the sender email you can select the e-mail address from which the invites will be sent. Currently, this is not yet customizable and a default e-mail address is available, being

The recipient of your e-mail invite will see the sender name as: Your Company Name <>

Next step is the Reply email.

If a recipient of the invite email chooses to reply to the email, the reply will be redirected to the e-mail address that you fill out here. 

By filling the “to” address bar, you can assign to which respondents the invitation email will be sent.

You can assign email addresses from an imported file in your data garden by using the FP button and selecting the column of your data garden that contains the e-mail addresses. Options for CC and BCC are also provided. For more information on the field picker functionality, please read all about it here.

Next up is the subject line.

A catchy subject line will trigger a respondent to open and read the invitation, so be clear in your wording and make sure you appeal to the respondent. You can also use the field picker functionality here for dynamic texts to make it more personal.

The body of the email is already filled with a plain text template, but is, of course, fully customizable.

Again, the field picker really is your friend when you wish to personally address every respondent with for example their (first)name. When drawing up the email body, be sure to be kind and appreciative to you respondents, so they are likely to cooperate in filling out the questionnaire you are linking to, thus generating a higher response rate. If you wish to issue out a reward for completing a survey, you may inform the respondents about it here as well. A personal link will be generated automatically for each individual user so that every respondent can only fill out the questionnaire once.

You can switch to the HTML tab to create a more designed e-mail message, for a completely different look and feel and the option to include your personal branding. We offer templates to get you started here.

Thank your respondents in advance and make sure to leave your contact details. Save and your invitation email is all set up. Oh, and don’t forget to save of course!

Lastly, in the top right corner you will find a send test mail button. By clicking this button, an email will be sent to the address belonging to the user that is currently logged in. This way you can test whether you are fully satisfied with the email before actually sending it to others.