This article informs you on what reminders are for and how you can set them up.

Since it’s possible that a respondent forgets to complete a questionnaire or simply forgets about having received the invitation, we provide you with an option to send a reminder to the client. You are able to send up to three reminders, more will become annoying to the respondent and might influence the outcome of the survey.

The reminder e-mail setup works in the same way a regular invitation email is built up and you can read all about it here.

On your right hand side you will be able to determine the number of reminders a respondent will receive after not having completed a questionnaire, as well as the number of days after which the reminder will be sent.

For instance: If you choose to send out 2 reminders to a client, you will be given the choice to send the first reminder between 1-90 days after the initial email has been sent. Let’s say you want the respondent to receive a reminder after 7 days.

The second reminder can then be sent after 8-90 days after the initial e-mail.

Since the e-mail link will remain valid for a total of 90 days, the final reminder cannot be sent more than 90 days after the initial email has been sent.

By default all respondent that have not started filling out a questionnaire by clicking the link yet will receive a reminder once you’ve set it up. If you want the reminder to be sent to all respondents, including the ones that have started the questionnaire, but not completed it yet, please toggle the “active on web” switch to “on”