This article will briefly explain to you the general idea of how import files relate to your projects.

Once you have imported the data you want to use, you want to link it to a particular project.

You can do this by going to the Import Sources tab of the project you want to use the import in.

Simply click “Add Source” on the left side of the screen and you will be presented with a list of import files from which you can select those files that you want to use within your current project. If you already have Import Sources in place, these will be mentioned as well.

Select the imported file that you want to link to the project and click “Add”. The file is now linked to your project and will appear as a tab on the left of the screen. You can add multiple import sources to a project.

Each import source will be represented as a tab and is accompanies by its own color. Clicking the designated tab will acitivate it. Hoovering over a tab makes a trashcan icon appear. If you wish to remove an import source from a project, all you need to do is click the trashcan of the corresponding tab to delete it.

Please note: Even though you have now linked the imported file to the project, it doesn’t do anything yet. Only after you’ve mapped the data sources and turn the data mapping switch to “on” will new definitions be added to your data file and appear in your data view. You’ll find out more about mapping these data sources  in a separate article.