When adding a new Data Collection project, you are offered a choice of three variables to determine the type of project you wish to run, the first one being Customer Feedback. At CYS, we also refer to these types of projects as the Voice of Customer. 

Voice of Customer is literally meant as the voice of the customer: you are asking your customers to provide you with feedback. By investigating the overall Customer Experience in terms of expectations, preferences and aversions, you learn to understand who your customers actually are. This way you really get to know the customer and you discover what the customer appreciates, what the customer misses and what the customer wants.

By hearing negative and positive feedback, you will be able to improve upon your weaknesses but also immediately see where you score well. There are countless ways to measure the Voice of the Customer. Three frequently-used KPIs are NPS, CES and CSAT.

When adding a new project in this section, the main type is already filled out. 

The subtypes we offer are Customer Feedback Monitor (aimed at continuous research) and Customer Satisfaction Research (periodic or one-time research).

For more information on the Voice of Customer, how to implement it within your organization and insights on why it is so important, please visit our website or download our e-book.