When adding a new project to your project list, you are offered a choice of three variables to determine the type of project you wish to run: Voice of Customer, Voice of Employee and Voice of Business. In this article we'll be focusing on the Voice of Business-type.

Voice of Business is literally the voice of your business. By performing voice of business measurements, you can adequately monitor the hygiene factors and standards within your company.

Using a voice of business project type means gaining a continuous and transparent insight into all of your company data, results, quality and processes. Voice of business measurements allow you to take data driven decisions. Instinctive choices become well-founded decisions that can be relied on in a structural manner.

There are countless ways to measure the Voice of Business. Audits and checklists are most frequently used. To make filling in those checklists more efficient and at the same time more fun, CYS has developed the Image checklist and the conditions checklist

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