Enrollment criteria provides you with the possibility to automize processes in terms of enrolling or excluding respondents that are in your CRM data in/from a project.

Enrollment criteria is a dynamic rule that can be applied to the scheduler. By setting rules to a scheduler you can send out an invitation to all recipients in your imported list that meet certain criteria, for instance: Include all male respondents, include all respondents that are older than 60, include all respondent that live in a particular area

The wizard will pop up under the enrollment criteria. You will have to enter a name for the rule, and you can give a description of what the enrollment criteria means. Then you need to specify the conditions that are required for the rule to be applied.

The following steps need to be followed to create rules under enrollment criteria:

Firstly determine whether you want all rules to be met, or whether you would like a respondent to meet one of several criteria.

When you click on the “+” icon under conditions, the toggle switch automatically turns on and you will find a small icon indicating the database. After all, the data you are referring to is in your data garden.

When you click on the icon you will see a new tab with the drop down containing all columns in your project database.


Please select the column you wish to refer to, in order to open up a dropdown of conditions (is, is not, is any of, etc.).

After having selected a condition you will be able to determine the reference area. Will a data garden entry be taken into account or is it a fixed value?

Lastly, set the action that needs to be taken, which is always “enroll in the database”, since what we are doing, is selecting prerequisites for a respondent to be allowed to participate.

Don't forget to update your created rules for them to get applied to your personal invitation.