This article will help you to understand the setup of a a forms & checklists setup.

Like the project planner, you are able to make your questionnaire accessible to a specific group of users, who are then able to access the questionnaire through their CYS user account. This is especially useful to provide online forms and checklists for your organization to fill out whenever they need it.

You can find the forms and checklist planner by clicking on the “add” button when choosing a scheduler for a specific project.

The screenshot below illustrates the initial page when choosing a scheduler for forms & checklists in which you will be asked to give the scheduler a name.

After you click on the “add button” a widget will be created and you'll be able to set up and edit the actual scheduler.

The basic setup for a scheduler is really simple. By assigning a group to the scheduler you can determine who will be able to fill out the checklist or audit form. Since the scheduler always has to be available for this group, to fill out, no further planning is necessary.

Users that belong to this group will automatically be able to access this checklist in their mobile app.