This article will help you to understand the setup of a open link invitation and QR code setup.

This scheduler creates an open link or QR code that can be shared. Anyone that clicks on this link is able to access the questionnaire and every time the link is clicked, a new record is created in the database. This scheduler type is great for adding a survey option to printed matter such as marketing materials, or for adding a survey to online sources (your website, in an e-mail footer etc.)

You can find the open link and QR code planner by clicking on the “add” button when choosing a scheduler for a specific project.

The screenshot below illustrates the initial page when choosing a scheduler for open link invitations and QR-code in which you will be asked to give the scheduler a name.

After you click on the “add button” a widget will be created and you'll be able to set up and edit the actual scheduler.

The name you gave your scheduler is already filled out. If you like you can give a description of the contents of the scheduler you’re about to set up.

The tab “Open invitation link” lets you create and manage your open invitations. On the overview screen you will be able to see a complete list of all your links that have been generated within that scheduler.

Status - This slide lets you activate/deactivate the link.

Name - Here the name of the particular link is displayed. You can click it to edit it.

Link - Clicking the link will open up the questionnaire on the respondent side. You can also copy the link to paste it to your desired location.

From date - This is the date from which the link will be active.

To date - This is the date on which the link will no longer be active.

Autofill datafield - if any labelled data has been allocated to a definition, this will be displayed here.

QR code - This will let you download the QR code belonging to the link, which you can paste to your desired location (if selected).

Action - You will be able to copy the settings of the created link, for easy editing, send the link via e-mail to a specific respondent or delete the link completely

By selecting the desired row(s) and pressing "Action" you will be able to copy/delete/activate/deactivate links as a bulk action.

By selecting the desired row(s) and pressing "Export to Excel" a zip file will be generated, containing the specifications of the link created as well as the qr code connected to it (if selected).

More on how to create and manage your open invitiations you'll be able to read in the article "managing different links".