This article explains on setting up a source in the Data Garden.

A source is a point of reference that has been imported, for your projects to be connected to.

When you click on the add source button, you will be able to select the option for your file import. It can be a Manual upload, an Automatic upload by SFTP or an Automatical upload by file storage.

After selecting the option, you will have to enter the Name of the source you are adding.

You will be able to view two tabs:

  • General
  • Definitions

General Tab:
The screen as shown above will appear when you have clicked the General tab.

  • Name: Here you can view the name which was given when creating the source.
  • Description: You can enter the description for that specific import file and click save.

Definitions Tab:

The above screen will appear when you click the definitions tab for the first time, that is when you have not yet created the structure for the import data.

You can either click and choose or drag a file to upload the data of either an Excel file type or CSV file type.

If you want to add columns manually, then you can create a column structure for data view by just clicking on the plus icon and entering the header name of the column. Hence forth you are free to add any number of columns.   

Please note it is not possible to delete a single column. If you want to, then you will have to end up deleting the entire source.