You can use the Dataview tab to review the data that is imported in your data garden. In addition to the content of your data file, information regarding the import itself is recorded as well. 

The variables (or columns) that are automatically generated are:

sys_imports: This column is a record count. A subsequent number is assigned to each new record in your import.

sys_importbatch: This column keeps track of the number of imports that have been performed. It also acts as an unique identifier of all records that belong to a single import.

sys_createdon: In this column a date and time stamp is added to register at what specific moment the imported record has been created in the import source.

Every column name in your dataview, created by you or the system, provides the option to sort or filter the column.

Just click on the column name to the sort from A-Z or Z-A or click on the funnel icon to search and filter. This provides a lot of flexibility to review your data. 

In the top right corner of your dataview, it is mentioned how many records are selected out of the total number of records. By default, 20 records are shown per page. You can flip through the pages by clicking the pagination buttons in the bottom left corner.

After selecting one or more records, the 'Action' button at the top right corner will become available, providing an option to delete the selected records.

A quick overview of your imported data

The horizontal rows of your dataview are referred to as records.

The vertical rows (columns) in your dataview are referred to as variables.

As a summary, the widget in your data garden will reflect the total number or records that are present within your imported data set.

Underneath the total amount of records in this source, the widget mentions how many records where uploaded during the last 24 hours.