In this article we will provide an explanation on the About tab, which is part of the database widgets in the data garden.

For every project created in the portal, once it is moved to Live mode, a widget is created automatically under the database section of the data garden.

Once created you can start viewing and managing your data. The database section of the Data Garden is the center of a project. Here, your imports and data collection results are combined and rules can be applied to manage your data. It is also the source for your reporting. 

When you click on "Edit database", you will be introduced to a page with numerous tabs. The opening tab is the About tab, which shows the details about this database.

  • The name of the project that this database is connected to.
  • The main type is tells you under which data collection type the project is created: Voice of Customer, Voice of Business or Voice of Employee. 
  • The description box shows any details concerning the project that you've entered when creating the project. It is a field that is not mandatory and can therefore show empty.

Please note that in the about tab, none of the fields can be altered. If you want to change the name of a project or add the description, please do so, using the widget of the project itself. 

To continue with the next tab, please review our article on the Data View.