In this article we will provide an explanation on the About tab, which can be found in the Projects widgets in the data garden.

For every project created in the portal, once it is moved from Edit/ Test/ Queue mode to Live mode a widget is created automatically under the projects section of the data garden.

Once created you can start viewing and managing your data. The Project section of the Data Garden is the nucleus of all matters concerned to a project. Here, your schedulers, questionnaire, rules, imports and results are combined and come together.

When you click on the icon of a project, you will be introduced to a page with numerous tabs like About, Data view, Import sources, Definitions, Rules and Logging.

We are now looking at the about tab. The about tab lists all of the specifics that are concerned with the project that has been created.

Each tab will be explained in detail in various articles. The focus of this article is on the About tab.

The About tab provides information about the project:

  • The name of the project which you selected will be displayed.
  • The main type is tells you on which pillar the project is based: VoE, VoC or VoB.
  • The sub type offers a selection of project types that fall under the main type you selected.
    Based on the main and sub types you will be granted access to those features that match your project best.
  • The description box shows the details concerning the project you've entered. It is a field that is not mandatory.

Please note that in the about tab, none of the fields can be altered. If you want to change the name of a project or add the description, please do so, using the widget of the project itself. the type cannot be altered after it has been assigned.