This article will explain about the files that were uploaded by your respondents in the media library.

There are occasions where a picture says more than a 1000 words. It can be a powerfull thing if the feedback that you have collected is supported by pictures, video or audio files. Think for instance about a receipt for a purchase of a picture to illustrate your findings during a quality audit. Whenever a respondent uploads a media file into the questionnaire, that image will be stored in your media library. 

The first time a file is uploaded by a respondent, a new folder is created within your Media Library, called "Respondent". For every project a file is uploaded in, a new folder is automatically created. All images that are uploaded within that project will be gathered within that specific project related folder. The folder will bear the name of the project for easy reference.

In the data garden each uploaded file will be represented by a unique identifier that can be traced back to that particular corresponding image in your media library. You can also filter these files by means of upload time/date, file type or file name.

And even better: you can include these media files in your reporting as well. What could be better to illustrate your results?