After importing data into a project, the Log tab is the place where you can find a confirmation of the result. All import attempts are logged for reference and are available for review in the Log tab. 

The following information is available in the overview:

Name: this reflects the name of the import source from which the data originated 

Date & time: a stamp of the exact moment the import was executed

Status: this confirms if the data was processed successfully into the project or if it failed. 

Success records: the number or records that were successfully imported into your data garden during this specific import attempt.

Total no. of records: the total number of new records that were available in the import source for processing.

User stamp: the user account that connected the import source to the project.

Action: a downloadable file with details about the import attempt. For instance, if the file import has failed then this download icon comes in handy to check the exact error message. 

With every import attempt, the log tab is updated with the specifics for future reference. 

In the top right corner, you can add one or more users as a recipient of the log reports. Users added to this list get a notification within their user profile about the result of succesfull imports, as well as an email notification in case the import failed. This functionality will make sure you keep up to date with any data that is added to your data garden.

Lastly, you are able to search the logfiles in multiple columns by using the filter icon behind the column names, making it easier to find the exact log you are looking for.