This article will describe how to perform automatic imports through SFTP

Automated imports through SFTP is a functionality which is used to import secure files into the data garden. You can find the option under the Data garden - Imports section when adding a new source.

All you have to do is click on the add source button and the carousel will appear from which you can select the automatic import by SFTP option under the "file import" tab as seen below.

When you select this option, a form will appear as shown below. You will see a pop up in which you'll be requested to enter a name for the source and click on the create button.

After creating the source, the user must create column definitions either using a file import or manually. This will form the structure for the import. You can also download the sample file and use it as a reference.

After file import you will be introduced to few more tabs and you will be asked to link the project in the portal to the SFTP server. To do this, please click on the file sources button. This is where the various details should be entered.

Let's run through the listed information that needs to be entered.

All mandatory details are marked with an asterisk.

  • Active On/Off toggle switch
    This switch should be switched on to initiate the SFTP file import
  • Protocol
    Select SSH (By default)
  • Host/ IP Address
    Enter either your host or ip address
  • Port
    Enter the number of the port you are using
  • Username
    Enter your username for the SFTP server
  • Password
    Enter your SFTP password (22 characters are required)
  • Default remote directory
    The folder you created for the information on your sftp
  • Additional settings
    (to be deleted - not required)

Now that you entered all the details in those specific columns, you can click on the Test Connection button.  If all the entries match those of the server settings, you'll see the success status pop up.

If you happened to enter incorrect information in the columns designated to Username & password, then the failed status pops up will appear.

After entering all details, click on the save button. The time interval for updates is every 5 mins.