This article will highlight the functionalities an view of the profile screen.

In the bottom menu you can find the Profile tab. Clicking it will navigate you to your profile page. The profile page shows a small identity bar with the user's name, e-mail address and - if added - an avatar.

Below this information, you will be able to view the url of the portal you're logged into. Next to it you'll find a button with two arrows in opposite directions. This is particularly useful if you are a user that has access to multiple portals. Clicking this button will bring you back to the screen where you entered the url of the portal you're currently in and by entering a new url, you'll log into the other portal you are a user of.

The logout button will log you out of the app that is connected to your environment. Since the url you entered earlier (to log in) has been saved and is remembered, you'll end up directly on the user login page. Entering your login name and password to automatically end up in the app of the portal you last logged out of.