This article wil cover the view of the form tab

The center button of the menu at the bottom of your screen is the Forms tab. It will show you all the checklists and forms that you have been granted access to. A form or a checklist is a questionnaire that you can access and fill out at any given time. Think for instance of a checklist on cleaning, a calamity/security form to log incidents or a checklist for opening/closing procedures concerning an office or a shop.

The form overview screen is built up as follows:

Tab name
The top bar reflects the tab name (in this case "forms").

Search bar
Nex to the title you will find a a smartsearch button (spyglass) with which you can quickly navigate through a long list of forms to find the one you wish to access

Server connectivity
The colored dot in the top right hand corner represents the connection to the server. Green means the connection is just fine. Red means there is no connection and you will probably need to check your network/internet. No worries though. If the dot is red, the results you entered are still remembered, and will be saved onto the server at a later stage as soon as the connectivity is strong again and the dot is colored green.

Forms list

You are able to scroll down through all of the forms you as a user have been granted access to. Each form will bear an image, a title and a description of what the form is about.  Tap on a form to open it and fill it out.

The form itself has an information bar, displaying the name and the description. Click "read more" to display the full description.

Click the language button to see what languages the questionnaire is available in and select the language you feel most comfortable with.

After you've filled out the questionnaire, return to the main screen by means of the "back" arrow in the top left corner of the screen or by simply clicking the Forms tab again.