This article will inform you about the use and functionality of the Reporting KPI and Calculations tab. It will let you select from a number of calculations, KPI’s and formulas that the system will allow for in reporting. This option can be found in the portal management section in main menu.

Why can you find this here? Well first of all you need to lay some ground rules for your reporting that are applied throughout the entire portal. By setting up in what way you would like to calculate, what KPI’s you use throughout your business and which formulas are common for your organization, you are identifying some parameters within which reports can be set up.

Using the Reporting KPI and Calculations method you can select those calculations that the system will present to you in reporting. You can make a preselection here from a wide variety of calculation methods. For instance. Does your company use the Customer Effort Score(CES) 5 of 7 point scale and is it being calculated to index or average? Does your company use standardized Top 2 or Top 3 reporting? CYS has already made a default selection for you, but you are free to customize it to your standards.

Simply click on the + icon beside Calculations, KPI’s and Formulas and a pop up opens up.

Make a selection by clicking on the options in the column on the left (available calculations) and you will see them appear in the column on your right (selected calculations).

If you want to deselect them, go to the right column and click on the x behind the definition you wish to remove. Click on button "Add" and you will see them appear in the overview in your Reporting KPI and Calculations tab.

When you’re done setting up your reporting KPI’s and Calculations, press save to apply them throughout your portal.