The response percentage is the percentage of people responding to your invitation to fill out the questionnaire. There are three type of respondent statuses. Each respondents status is being represented by a value. 

  • New Respondents: when the questionnaire is sent to the respondent, but they have not accessed it yet. (value = 1)
  • Active Respondents: when the questionnaire is started by the respondent and he or she is in the process of filling out the questionnaire, but hasn't finished it yet.   (value = 2)
  • Completed Respondents: when the questionnaire is completely filled out till the end by the respondent, the status is updated to completed. (value = 3)


To calculate the response percentage, the following formula is used:

Response Percentage = (Completed respondents/total number of respondents) * 100

For example: a response percentage of 18% means that out of every 100 respondents that you invite to fill out your questionnaire, there are 18 respondents who fill out your questionnaire completely.