The CompletedPercentage is the percentage of respondents that has filled out the questionnaire to completion. If this percentage is low, it means that a lot of respondents either didn’t start filling out the questionnaire or quit halfway, so you might want to evaluate your questionnaire, target group or scheduler if any improvements can be made.


Respondent status

There are three type of respondent statuses in our software. Each respondent status is represented by a value.

New: When the questionnaire is made available to the respondent (value = 1).
Active: When the questionnaire is opened by the respondent and he or she in the process of filling out the questionnaire, but hasn’t finished it yet (value = 2).
Complete: when the respondent has questionnaire is completely filled out the questionnaire and reached the end page (value = 3).


To calculate the completed percentage, you take the number of respondents that have fully completed the questionnaire and you divide that by the total number of respondents that has the questionnaire been made available to them.

This translates into the following formula:

Completed percentage = # Complete / (# New + # Active + # Complete) x 100%

If you include the “n” in your widget, the n will represent all records that the calculation is made over, so all new, active and completed records

A completed percentage of 17% means that out of every 100 respondents that the questionnaire has been made available to, 17 respondents have filled out the questionnaire to completion.

Please Note: The calculation for CompletedPercentage is not available in the dashboard by default. If you would like to use it, please add it to your calculations list via the Portal Management menu. You can find your active list of available calculations under the “Portal” menu, in the “Reporting KPI & Calculations” tab