This calculation method can be used to calculate how much a value, or more values, are being selected by the respondents in one variable (for example, a question)

An example

You are conducting a CSAT research and have 1000 responses, included in the questionnaire you have the single response question "question". You want to find out, how often each value (answer category) is being selected.  

The responses are as followed:

  • 370 out of 1000 (37%) have answered with [answer 1]
  • 270 out of 1000 (27%) have answered with [answer 2]
  • 360 out of 1000 (36%) have answered with [answer 3]

Please note: this calculations is applied to the records that meet the requirements that you have set in your period selection, your filter selection and the default selection for available records for reporting.