In the data collection part of the system you are able to create projects that are used to collect your data. You can consider these to be the questionnaires or forms that you are going to use to collect feedback. You will find the Data Collection part of your portal in the left main menu:

The Data Collection functionality is divided into three project types. We distinguish project types based on the angle of your research: Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE) and Voice of Business (VoB). Each one comes with their own set of sub-types, depending on their goal, set up and methodology. The different project types can be accessed through the main menu on the left hand side by clicking the data garden option. This will unfold in:

  • Customer Feedback (VoC)
  • Business - Audits, Forms & Checklists (VoB)
  • Employee Feedback (VoE)

Every project type will have their own overview screen that presents you with the projects that are created there. 

To learn more about the project types, please view the following articles;  Voice of Customer, Voice of Business and Voice of Employee.  For more information on how to implement it within your organization and insights on why it is so important, please visit our website or download our e-book.