Welcome to the CYS software. Your admin has just provided you with a user account. Now what?


We have set up a default project user role, on which this segment is modelled. Any deviations from this model find their roots in your personal settings.

As a user you will have access to both the experience app and part of the management menu. You will be able to view the userlist and what type of access they have to the software, as well as their last login date.

You will be able to view and edit those projects that have been published to you. You will not be able to delete or create entire projects, but you may be able to edit a questionnaire and view the data belonging to that project.

Additionally, if you make use of the IRIS module, you will be able to generate reports.



The rights you will have as a user ultimately depend on the settings made by your administrator. If you have any questions about them, or if you feel you should be allowed to see or do more, (s)he is the one to talk to.