The following column Adres is available in the datagarden, and has values like ;

leeg, Leeg, [leeg], NA, #NB, x and ---


The only action you need to perform in the script below is to replace the column name Adres with a column of your own.

The first 2 lines are only to declare values.

Line 3 to 9 removes the garbage values from the column Adres


Line 10 changes the values of the column Adres to empty when the exact values of the column Adres matches values Leeg, [leeg], NA, #NB, x and ---"


***** script ****

var Adres = DRE.getColumn ("Adres");

var Adres_temp;


if (Adres == "leeg")  {Adres_temp = "";}else

{if (Adres == "[leeg]")   {Adres_temp = "";}else

{if (Adres == "[Leeg]")   {Adres_temp = "";}else

{if (Adres == "Leeg")  {Adres_temp = "";}else

{if (Adres == "#NB")  {Adres_temp = "";}else

{if (Adres == "x")  {Adres_temp = "";}else

{if (Adres == "---")  {Adres_temp = "";}else

{if (Adres == "NA")  {Adres_temp = "";}else

{{Adres_temp = Adres}}}}}}}}};


     DRE.createOrChangeValueInDB("Adres", Adres_temp);***** script ****


The result is shown in the example of the datagarden.

Because of the exact match values like niet leeg wel not be cleared.