When you log into the experience app you'll be able to see the projects that are assigned to you. 

Please note: You'll only have access to the questionnaires, audits or checklists that are relevant to you, during the designated period that the data needs to be collected. If you feel there are projects missing, contact your administrator. 

To see your assigned projects, go to the Project tab in the main menu.  This is an example of a project page in your Mobile app:


  • The green dot in the top left corner shows your connection to the data server. Green means the data will get stored immediately. Red means the device is off line and data will be stored as soon as a connection becomes available. When it is red, please check your internet access.

  • The search bar allows you to look for a specific project if you have been assigned many, while the sorting bar will help you classify your projects alphabetically, by type, by date or by progress.

  • Each block shows you a project you're being asked to conduct. Your progress is being tracked by the colored bar (orange for started, yet unfinished and green for finished).

  • Inside the block, information is being given to you by the project owner. The left side shows the name of the project, the description and the duration of the project in which the data needs to be collected. On the right side, by "Statistics" you can see the minimum number of times you need to fill out the questionnaire, how many you already started and how many are already completed. This will help you keep track of your progress. 

How to start a project: 

Starting a project is easy, just by clicking on the project block you can find the buttons to start a new questionnaire:

  • By pressing "New" you will start a new questionnaire, audit or checklist within the designated project.  
  • By choosing "Resume" you can open a questionnaire, audit or checklist you have started before, but not completed yet. 
  • By clicking "List" an overview of all questionnaires are given including their progress (% completed), this way you can track the progress per questionnaire within a particular project.

Once you start a new questionnaire or resume a previous one by clicking on it, the questionnaire will open up automatically and you can start or continue the questionnaire.

If you want to leave a project and return to the Project overview page, you can use the left facing arrow at the top of the screen or use one of the main menu items to switch to another part of the Experience app.