When you log into the experience app you'll be able to see the forms & checklists that are assigned to you. 

Please note: You'll only have access to the forms and/or checklists that are published to you. If you feel like you are missing an item, please contact your administrator.

To see your assigned Forms and checklists, go to the forms & checklists tab in the main menu. An example of an available Form looks like this: 


  • The green dot in the top left corner shows your access to the data server. Green means the data will get stored immediately. Red means the device is off line and data will be stored as soon as a connection becomes available. When it is red, please check your internet access.

  • The search bar allows you to look for a specific project if you have been assigned many, while the sorting bar will help you classify your projects alphabetically, by type, by date or by progress.

How to start a form or checklist 

Starting a form is easy, just click on the block and the form or checklist will automatically open up at the start page. 

Closing a form or checklist 

Please keep in mind that you are not able to leave the form and continue the same questionnaire at a later time. Once you leave the questionnaire, the data that you have filled out up until that point will be saved and that specific record is closed. 

If you want to leave a questionnaire and return to the overview screen, you can use the left facing arrow at the top of the screen or use one of the main menu items to switch to another part of the Experience app.