Infographics are graphic visual representation of information and/or data results. They are mainly useful to present and communicate complex information quickly and clearly to the readers. The visualization of data in this way not only makes it easier to get a clear overview; it also makes data more fun!


Well-designed infographics are a great reporting tool as it enhances your company’s image and improves your report’s readability. In addition to presenting data, it can be used to convey messages, present data in a comprehensive manner, analyze data quickly and monitor business data periodically. Infographics are considered to be highly effective worldwide. 

The CYS software offers pre-designed infographic templates that you can use in your reporting. But we are also able to offer you custom made infographics, to ensure that the infographic is specifically tailored to your specific needs, taking your individual wishes into consideration. Any design is possible! 


Some examples of an infographic:

The Experience Culture Scan Infographic 

An Audit Infographic: 

For more information on the options of custom made infographics, please drop us a note at We are happy to help!