This article explains to you what default rules are and where you can find them in the system.

To make the set up of your project easier and less prone to unintentional mistakes, there are some default rules in the system. These rules can be found in the Dynamic Rule Engine. 

In a import slot, there is a default rule to check if your file was created on the same day that you will import it. This means that if you would try to import an older file, it will not be imported. This ensures that you cannot import old data by mistake. 

You cannot remove a default rule, but you can switch it off, copy it and edit the copy. It is also possible to add other criteria.

There are also default rules in a personal invitation scheduler set up for your convenience under Enrollment criteria:

These rules ensure that only the records are invited with a status 'New', which have not been invited before, have been imported in the last week and are not blacklisted. In most cases these settings avoid mistakes, so we recommend to use them. As with the import rules, you can also use additional rules of your own: simply add them to the list.