This article provides an overview of the rules you can create in the Creating records section on the Rules tab in the Data Garden project.

The conditions and actions which you can select are identical to those in the Creating Records and Event Based sections. The difference is the timing:

Creating records: at the moment a record is created

Mutating records: at the moment the record is mutated, for example when the status changes from new to complete

Event Based: one time only (after one minute) or continuously (every 4 hours), regardless of changes to the record

The rules you create in the Event Based section can be set up on a one time only basis or a periodical frequency This means that this section is ideal if you want to make changes to historical data.

Examples of what the DRE can do for you:

- adjust historical data by changing a database value

- set a record to complete after a certain number of days

- anonimization of records after a specified period

Due to the impact they have, Event based rules are always created as wizard rules and always created in an inactive state. You can also choose if you want to run an event based rule on a one time only basis (after which the event will automatically switch "off") or if it needs to run continuously and check if any records match the conditins on a periodical basis.

Similarly to the DRE in other parts of the system, you have to select conditions first:

Then select the action(s) that should be executed: