This article explains how you can use the DRE to send notifications by email.

In certain cases it is very useful to receive a notification email. With the DRE you can create an email message and select the conditions on which it should be sent. 

Examples are:

- send an email with the answers of a respondent to the manager of the department

- send an email to the responsible department if a respondent wants to be contacted

- send an email to your IT-department if a file is uploaded in which some important values are missing

The trigger email can be found in the Rules section of the Data Garden. You have to decide if the email needs to be sent after creation of the record, after the mutation of the record or if it has to be sent on the 4-hour schedule of the Event Based rules. 

In the example below the set up is explained for a trigger email with the condition that the answer to the NPS question is lower than a 7. This rule is created in the Mutating Records section, as it should be triggered on the change in status from new to active or complete. 

First of all, set the right condition:

Then you have to create the email:

The mandatory fields are indicated with a red star. It is possible to use the field picker to create dynamic names, email addresses and subject lines.

You can create a plain text email or use a html template. In the email you can use data base values and questionnaire data with the field picker. For an easy start with your email, use the temlate from our Getting Started section.