A CYS portal has a lot of options to give your portal and your questionnaires a branded look & feel that matches your company style. We have designed these templates to automatically resize your images to the correct sizes. However, it is important to use the correct dimensions to ensure the image does not get stretched or pressed. In this article you will find the recommended image sizes for your questionnaires to look perfect.

Images used in the respondent view

Logo's: you are able to upload two logo's that are placed at the top of the screen (left and right). For both logo's the recommended sizes are the same: 100px by 34px.

Background image: you are able to upload a background image that, based on the opacity settings, shines through on the background of your questionnaire. There is no recommended size as such, since this image is responsive and automatically resizes to match the screen of the device that is used. If you stick to a default image size with a 4:3 ratio (such as 1024px by 768px) you really can't go wrong. 

For all other images that are used on question pages it is important to remember that all sizes are of equal dimension, and that we therefore recommend to upload square images. The default sizes per image type are the following:

Main question image: Most question pages offer the option to present an image before the question text, as shown in the example below. Recommended size: 150px by 150px.

Root cause answer option: You have the option to add small images to your answer options, that are presented before the answer text, as shown in the example below. Recommended size for Root cause pages: 50px by 50px.

Other answer options: Items such as single response, multi response and matrix page question pages have the option to illustrate the answer options as well. Recommended sizes for these answer options: 60px by 60px.

Different page types present the images in a different way. For audit type questionnaires, the recommended sizes are as follows:

Checklist question image: both the image checklist and conditions checklist present the question text next to a larger image, that functions as a button to submit the answer, as shown in the example below. Recommended size: 150px by 150px.

Tab image: within checklist question pages, the different questions are grouped together in sections. These sections are presented as tabs at the top of the respondent view. They have the option to add a small image before the tab name as a reference, as shown in the example below. Recommended size: 40px by 40px.

Like we said before: the system automatically resizes images in order for them to work in your questionnaire. So don't worry if you haven't got the exact sizes; if you focus on the general ratios your images will look great!