Welcome to the data garden section. In this article, we will give an introduction about all the categories of this section, namely import, database and blacklist.

In the main menu to your left you will see the option "Data Garden". This is where you can easily manage all of your incoming, imported or questionnaire data. Clicking on this option will unfold the menu and show you three more sub items: Import, Database and Blacklist

  • Import¬†

In the import, you can set up your import file or better saying, you can add an external source of information that can be used to enrich the data that is linked to one or more of your projects. You can upload files in xlsx format or csv format.

  • Database

In the database, you can find your live projects. In this section you can access the data view from you project, add definitions, map your imports source to your project and create dynamic rules to manage and clean up your data in an automated fashion.

  • Blacklist

The blacklist is an important functionality, especially with GDPR in mind. Not everybody likes to receive e-mails, or reminders. and they might want to unsubscribe from your surveys. This is why we have implemented an unsubscribe button in every invite and once the respondent clicks on that button, their email address is put on the blacklist. As long as they remain there, they will receive no further emails. Via the blacklist it is also possible to exclude email addresses for a limited period of time to be approached and deduplicate your files.