Infographics are a great reporting tool as it enhances your report's readability and makes data more fun! The CYS software offers pre-designed infographic templates that you can use in your reporting. 

Want to see CYS variety of pre-made infographics?

Open the dashboard in edit mode and select the tab where you want to use the infographic. Click on the "+" symbol at the right hand-side, the widget-carousel will pop-up straight away. 

Inside the widget carousel click on "Special - Infographics" to open the infographics webshop.

This library contains all CYS pre-designed infographics. There are different types for different types of research and KPI's. You can search at the top based on keywords, and save your favorites by clicking on the heart icon. By doing this, it is added to your favorites so you can easily find it again for a next dashboard. 

Please browse through it and select the one that matches your reporting needs. To add the infographic to your dashboard, just simply click on select to confirm your choice.

Read more about setting up your infographic here.

Looking for a custom design? Contact us at Our experienced designers are happy to help you design and create an infographic that specifically meets your reporting needs.